Frequently Asked Questions

why subscribe to grant signals?


Grant Signals delivers greater returns on your grant-seeking time and effort by helping you:

  • Beat your competition to the punch with early alerts on funding opportunities

  • Uncover sources of funding you didn't even know existed

  • Ensure you meet all eligibility requirements, with specific details listed on each grant programs website -- so you don't waste time on proposals you can't win

  • It's a numbers game. The more grants you apply for the more you can win!

I made a payment, but I cannot access the Grant Signals Platform?

Once you make a payment you will automatically be activated to our platform, if you do not see yourself being active in the group, do not worry. Sometimes it just takes 24 hours for you to get complete access to our platform, we will reach out to you via email further with step by step instructions. If you do not see your confirmation/activation email in your inbox please check your spam, junkmail, or promotions folder.


While you are free to cancel your recurring subscription at any time, no refunds will be given on subscription fees already paid.

How do I cancel my subscription?


You can cancel via PayPal or email us with the subject line CANCELLATION at